Beyond Ark was born from seeing so many great Ark Survival Evolved servers die from toxic players and Admins who didn't care. We are committed to providing the most positive gaming experience for our Ark Survival Evolved players. Players from all backgrounds are welcome in our cluster. Our amazing community is what makes our server thrive.

If you are looking for a safe and fun server for serious Ark gameplay, Beyond Ark is the place for you! A server with boosted rates of 25x and no admin abuse. We run server wide events, encourage serious PVP camaraderie, and enforce a strict no bullying policy. The server is hand coded and balanced to make gameplay the way Ark should be. Come have fun with us!

In the spirit of fun and community, LightWriter19 started making Tshirts and Hoodies to support the servers expansion. More and more players started requesting merchandise, and thus the merch shop came to be. 


We are always looking for ways to improve and expand our player experience and couldn't do so without our incredible players and supporters. All sales and contributions go towards  supporting the servers, adding new maps to the cluster, server upkeep, server events and overall improvements to the server.  You help us be all that we can be! 

If you are interested in becoming a Patreon Contributor, visit our 'Support Us' tab on the main website, or at